Milt Bergstedt

To see the world through different eyes – it is how Milton Bergstedt lived his life, and it is the tone he established in the firm that lives today. Milt joined with Bill Ingemann in 1941, becoming the first ‘B’ in our name. Managing the day-to-day operations through World War II, he teamed with coworker Jim Hirsch to evolve the firm in 1951 and create the framework for the modern day BWBR. A Saint Paul native, Milt worked in and out of the office to fight social injustice, from racial inequities to fair housing, and the work produced throughout the years of the firm reflected his efforts, from YMCAs to churches and schools.

Milt’s career spanned five decades with his retirement in 1984. The values on which he built the firm – integrity, honesty, caring, trust, loyalty, teamwork, and constant improvement – continue in the office and our work. His example has made us better designers, better coworkers, and better members of the communities we serve.