[ENHANCE] Magazine Issues

Check out these past issues to explore conversations and exchanges that make our profession what it is.

Enhance Magazine_2021

[ENHANCE] 2021: The Post-Pandemic Issue

For all of the events in the past 10 months that have forced us to ask, “How did we get here?” they are also presenting us the opportunity to reset our worlds, design better environments, and create systems that benefit all.

2019 Enhance Magazine_COVER

[ENHANCE] 2019: The Human-Centered Safety® Issue

Learning from how people react to their environments, in this issue of [ENHANCE] we’re examining both the tangible and intangible design strategies that can improve safety and make environments for care, education, and even rehabilitation better for staff and the people they serve.

[ENHANCE]: The Longevity Issue

[ENHANCE] 2017: The Longevity Issue

What does it mean to think long-term? How do people wrap their heads around the idea of a 100-year building? In this issue of [ENHANCE] we delve into
the mindset of thinking long-term, from master planning to creative problem-solving to cost analysis. We also revisit a critical access hospital in central Minnesota that opened 11 years ago to see how it continues to serve an ever-changing healthcare market.

Enhance Flexibility Issue

[ENHANCE] 2016: The Flexibility Issue

In this issue of [ENHANCE] we stretch our thinking to explore the idea of flexibility in the built environment — how clinical space can respond to changing care models; how classrooms adapt to different teaching and learning styles; and how climate change is forcing building owners to rethink their facilities. The president of Wisconsin’s first college also gives his impression of where a pioneering university fits in the 21st Century.

[ENHANCE]: The Office Design Issue

[ENHANCE] 2015: The Office Design Issue

The premier issue of BWBR’s design magazine, [ENHANCE] looks at how design affects the way we live, heal, and learn. In this issue, we examine the workplace, accommodating up to four generations at once, balancing the convenience of technology with the benefits of face-to-face collaboration, and creating environments that inspire ideas and attract top talent.