Building performance and green design take on new meaning when measuring energy use intensity.

Counting Energy Use Intensity because Energy Counts

How do we count energy in our buildings, and why does it count? We can look at our gas bill or watch the electric meter spin, but these numbers don’t tell us much about how our buildings perform. To understand performance we typically mea...

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UWHC Partners with Madison Office for Facilities Upgrades

One of the nation’s leading academic medical centers in the United States, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics recen...

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BWBR Nationally Recognized for Architectural Staff Training

One of only 24 firms nationally to be recognized, BWBR recently received the 2014-2017 IDP Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects for its Intern Development Program. The award honors a firm’s remarkable dedication to the IDP, a pr...

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McDaniel to Speak at Toronto Higher Ed Conference

SAINT PAUL – With today’s students and professors asking for more collaboration in the learning curriculum, colleges and universities are pressured to create spaces for such activities, even as upgrades to technology, research, and teaching sp...

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A mighty good-looking cabinet of real plates, bowls, and glasses.

Trashing the Disposable Practice

It was the scourge of convenience, and we were not immune. A quick cup of coffee. Heating up leftovers in the microwave. Serving up a pan of brownies in our workbays. We were the poster children for the grab-and-go culture, and we were well...

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When community hospitals stand through multiple generations, how do people put a price to its construction and design, and what role do we as designers, engineers, and builders have in advocating for more long-term thinking?

Redefining What It Means to Design for the Life of a Building

How do you define the cost of a building? What if that building is designed to last 50 years? 100 years? Maybe even 200 years? How does that change the definition? Architecture has long been considered a balance between firmness, com...

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A drum line is loud, but for those advocating for a better approach to living better, being heard is very much the point.

Better, Unapologetically

Look up in the Cambridge Dictionary what it means to make no apologies and it says that it is a belief “that what you have done is right or acceptable.” Living in a state that has turned the word “nice” into a badge of honor describ...

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Taking a seat has never before left people with so many choices, but knowing how an active seat will be used is as important to consider as how the seat looks.

It May Be Active, But is the Seat Right?

A stability ball. The large, round, rather bouncy spheres are more than ubiquitous in fitness centers and health clubs. For anyone who participates in group exercise, the balls look right at home in studios and on fitness floors. But, would...

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Unassigned personal workspaces for employees to reserve and use on a sporadic basis can complement open-office environments and provide a quieter space for an employee to concentrate and work on tight deadlines or more personalized business.

Is your office hostile to employee mental health?

At the threshhold of a new football season with summer training camps, news last year of the Miami Dolphins having fostered a

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Can Do!

350 cans of Hunts tomato sauce. 1,100 boxes of pudding. Two foam-core discs for dials. And lots of fun and creativity. For the fourth year, our own Devin Little served as a design expert for the annual CANstruction Madi...

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